Vlone X The Weeknd


We haven’t seen one person who doesn’t like humming to The Weeknd’s songs. Ranging from bass to the hits, his songs take you to the moon and now you can reflect your love for his music with the Vlone attire. Vlone, well-known streetwear, and casual fashion brand have collaborated with The Weeknd to curate a range of hoodies, sweatshirts, and t-shirts to deliver something that elevates your style while keeping your comfort.

Vlone Apparel For The Weeknd Lovers

Vlone X The Weeknd range has more than twenty apparel pieces available but you cannot get your hands on all of them, right? So, if you want to shop for this range, we have mentioned the best ones for you!

• The Weeknd x Warren Lotas XO Super Bowl LV Black T-Shirt

There is nothing better than a breathable and breezy t-shirt in the hot summers and Vlone has got you covered with this t-shirt in the classic black color. The Weeknd x Warren Lotas XO Super Bowl LV Black T-Shirt is adorned with gothic yet iconic graphics and an oversized XO logo on the back. The t-shirt is designed with vibrant graphics that really adds a pop of color to the black t-shirt.

• The Weeknd XO Black STARBOY Hoodie

With the fall arriving, it’s time to shop for the fuzzy hoodies and this STARBOY hoodie is one way of adding spruce to your look. The Weeknd XO Black STARBOY Hoodie is designed in the jet black color while the pink STARBOY logo on both sleeves looks incredibly chic, so you can look your best while staying warm. Also, the hoodie has a string-fitting cap to keep your head warm during the cold winter months.

• The Weeknd x Vlone Bat Country Tee White

For everyone who wants to enjoy the breezy experience while elevating the street fashion look, this Vlone Bat Country t-shirt in white color is the most promising choice. The Weeknd x Vlone Bat Country Tee White is designed with attractive graphics on the front to ensure your fashion sense is catered to. In addition, it has a relaxed fitting that flatters your body while the V logo on the back adds to the brand image.

• The Weeknd x Vlone The Weeknd Tee Black

If you have a knack for The Weeknd’s songs and want to showcase your love for his melodies, this black t-shirt is a promising choice. Designed in black color with white and red graphics on top, the Weeknd x Vlone The Weeknd Tee Black is meant to add sprucing to the fashion look while being incredibly comfortable and relaxed. Also, the t-shirt is extremely easy to pull on and wear.


Vlone is a well-known streetwear brand in the market and they have achieved that with the help of perfect fitting. All the hoodies, sweatshirts, and t-shirts in this range are designed to boast the best fitting and deliver a comfortable experience. The fitting of the apparel is enhanced even more with well-made shoulder seams and ventilated, so there is no tugging and you won’t have to pull it around continuously.


When it comes down to apparel, we don’t think you would want anything more than comfort. All the apparel is designed with the ultimate focus on comfort without compromising on style and aesthetics. In fact, the utilization of premium material adds to the breathability of the apparel, making it comfortable. Also, the sleeves are designed to add coziness to the hoodies and sweatshirts.


When it comes down to Vlone, they have been thriving to cater to everyone’s needs. Vlone has taken a monochromatic approach to the color approach but is spiced up with high-quality prints and graphics. The best thing about Vlone is that they have minimal as well as bright colors available, so you can find your best choice.


Being an inclusive brand, Vlone has designed apparel in the size range that offers something for everyone. To illustrate, the size ranges from extra small to XXXL, making it available for everyone. Moreover, the sizes are fully accurate, so you won’t have to worry about the sizing issue.


There is a reason why Vlone has bagged the top position in the market and that is quality. To begin with, they use high-quality and premium materials while printing is done with highly pigmented paints to ensure nothing fades off. On top of everything, they opt for double stitching, so the stitches don’t come off.

Grab it before it ends

If you have been in search of The Weeknd merchandise but couldn’t get your hands on one, this is your ultimate choice. Ranging from hoodies to t-shirts and sweatshirts, there is everything you need and there are zero compromises on quality and fitting, so there is nothing to lose!