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When do Palm Angels Collaborate with Vlone?

Francesco Ragazzi, a designer and former art director of Moncler, participated in the first edition of Moncler Genius (February 2018) with a unique interpretation of the brand for him. In addition, Palm Angels teamed up with Vlone to create a limited-edition capsule collection of tracksuits, t-shirts, a hoodie, and a denim jacket. The collection was launched at a premier streetwear retailer on TriBeca’s Upper East Side during New York Fashion Week by designer Francesco Ragazzi and rapper Playboi Carti.

What’re the Famous Designs of Vlone x Palm Angels?

Physical shopping may be few and far between, but through Palm Angels’ lockdown-triggered collection, everyone is able to connect. Check out Rizzoli zine and collaborations with vlone and Rosie Marks, or stay Cali-cool with Vlone x Palm Angels T-shirt. Tie-dye, military styles, teddy motifs, green hoodies – do not forget the monogram jeans to live the skater aesthetic.

  • Vlone Palm Angel V Print Hoodie

One of the most wanted t-shirts from all over the world is Vlone x Palm Angel’s Flame Hoodies. Simple, relaxed-fit shirts feature classic stripes or solid colors and printed flame staples.

  • Vlone X Palm Angels Blue V Printed T-Shirt

Palm Angels polos are the hottest tees from across the US. These easygoing, loose-fitting shirts come in exemplary stripes or strong tones with printed palm trees and definite necklines. Pick your top choice from a wide town of value textures.


Logos among the road culture world-class, which makes this a brand top choice. There is an assortment of styles and situations for the left chest of your PALM ANGELS HOODIE, just as for the neck area, so whether you’re focusing on an inconspicuous or an uproarious brand presentation, there is a style that suits you.

  • Vlone Stay Away From Your Friends T-Shirt

Pharrell Williams composed the foreword to the Palm angels at the table book created by the architect with impact from the 1970s. The Palm Angles stay away shirt got consideration from people in general, making it the top-rated thing. A blend of strong wild textual styles, cannabis-propelled illustrations, and palm trees give a lively gesture to road culture, with a casual fit and a mix that is not difficult to spruce up or down.

What Type of Material is used for the Vlone x Palm Angles Merchandise?

Vlone hoodie is made with 20% polyester & 80% cotton when that Vlone T-shirt material is 10% polyester and 90% cotton. In addition to designing functional, comfortable pieces, the label also creates pieces that complement the brand’s signature design aesthetic. There are a variety of colors and textures available to suit every taste. Make a sophisticated and everyday outfit with muted colors, or add bolder shades for an elevated appearance with vlone collection.

Vlone  Fashion Statement

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